Bentley Continental GTC Supersport

Mr S was due a service but also had a lack of boost and the check engine light on.
The car was brought to us at Mark Taylor RR & B Ltd.

Steve carried out a full scan and diagnosis using our Bentley VAS machine.

VAS told us that the No 1 turbo waste gate solenoid valve was at fault, we carried out some further tests to verify this. One of the other tests we carried out was a vacuum system smoke test. This confirmed that there were two vacuum system leaks. These were identified and rectified. Then the engine removed and the No 1 waste gate solenoid valve replaced.
We also carried out the necessary service.

When Mr S collected his Bentley, he returned to report that the car had never driven so fast.

Mr S is a professional Red Bull race driver, competing in the Formula 2 series.